Scientific Facts.

We learn many things in our everyday life. But we forget those things and forget them. Today I am going to tell you about some such scientific facts.To understand these facts, I have experienced all those things and I want to share these facts based on those experiences.

There are some things in our life that have a certain reason, but we do not try to know this. Today’s my blog is on the same scientific facts which may be some helpful for you.

1. Your subconscious mind has the answers to all your problems, if you tell your mind before sleeping that I want to get up at 6 am,it will wake you up at exactly 6 o’clock.
Actually, this has happened to me since childhood, I have never had the need for Alarm in my life till date. And now I have come to know that there are certain facts behind this,That if we ask our mind to do something, your brain will help you in it.

2. Never be an open book in life, no matter how close the next person is to you. Because in today’s genration no one is as true and good as we think.
Always learn to tell people as much as the people in front need to know.

3. If a person speaks less but speaks faster then it means that he is a person with a secret personality. Those who keep most things to themselves.
I am a very fast-talking person, so I have experienced this myself, and people who know me personally here will probably understand it better. 😜

4. If you have trouble sleeping, then open and close your eyes fast, doing this will make your eyelids tired and forced to sleep.
I am a person who can hardly sleep easily at night, so I have seen this by myself, and believe me, I have benefited greatly from this. If there are any of you who have trouble sleeping like me or do not sleep at night, then definitely try it once.

5. If you have to practice any good habit, but you are unable to put it. So that habit continued for 21 Days.
After 21 days, you will be forced to do that thing yourself.
I have a lot of habits in my life that started with 21 days formula, and still they are going on.

Apart from this, if you have such an intersting facts, please share it, I will be very happy.

Do Something Remarkable..!

Diwali is a very big festival for all the people of India. Some Hindu people who believe in Diwali,and there are many people who, despite living in another country outside India, consider this festival with the same fog.

It is truly praiseworthy that, even after being so far away, they are keeping the values ​​of Hindu culture and tradition.
We also give gifts to each other on Diwali, and everyone wants to give unique gifts to anyone who remembers forever.

So this Diwali, do something that everyone should remember.

Today, people have gone a long way, they have got money, respect, name and fame. Nobody needs anyone.
That is why people are forgetting humanity as well.Today, people are going to big malls and markets to shop for essential items of Diwali.But, no one wants to buy things from people who are selling their hand-made things by putting their small shops on the roads.

This Diwali Please try to be a little Kind without any reason and expectation,And shop from those people who need it more, they don’t want money from you, They only want to earn their money so that they can celebrate Diwali at their home.

We do not need to be a very good person, only if we become a good person, it will also work.

If you buy ten diyas from them, then one diya can burn in their house and they can also celebrate Diwali at their house. And it will be very nice when Diwali will be celebrated at someone’s house because of you.

It’s not about the shopping or just buying something, It’s about” is a way to highlight the importance of something.

I have done it, and have also shared with you, now it’s your turn.

So this Diwali, do something that will be memorable for you and Remarkable for others.

Work From Home

It has been almost 1 year since we all did work from.In view of the risk of corona virus infection, companies around the world have adopted the work from home policy. While this is a new thing for the corporate culture of India and the system adopted in times of disaster, this trend is already there in other countries of the world.During the lockdown all over the country, those doing work from home have made sofa, kitchen counter and even bedroom as office. Let us tell you how you can increase your productivity during work from home.

Need to fight

The Government of India, has released an advertisement on its site. This advertisement states that the government will not be able to fight the Corona virus if you violate the lockdown. So if you want to avoid coronavirus infection, then say yes to Work from Home and avoid getting out of the house.

Office Feeling

The thing is that you create an office-like atmosphere at home. Make your one room or balcony or living room look like this, so that you feel like working in the office.
Secondly, just like you used to be ready for office, work as ready so that you keep your mind up.

Work Time is important

During work from home, be clear about your work hours. Just like you work for a set time after going to office, similarly you work from home also within the stipulated time. You should not be disturbed in the midst of that work, nor do any other work.
Only do office work during office hours. Meaning that even when working from home, you should show seriousness in doing office work, do not take it lightly.

Stay in touch with the team.

You should also keep in touch with your colleagues while working from your home. You can email, you can call, you can chat or make a video call. You will not feel isolated from this.

I hope all these things can be useful to you. 😇