Found something true..

A human being can learn anything at any time. And unknowingly something new I have learned today.

Today After a long vacation, I sat down to write something, But perhaps it was happening for the first time that despite having so many things in mind, I was not able to write anything. So many questions, so many answers to those questions, lots of thinking and memories, and some untold things, Everything was going on in the mind, but still there was nothing to write.

I Was thinking something like this while sitting, then the phone rang, I picked up the phone and saw that a friend’s massage had come.By the way, I have very few friends with whom I talk, but she is a bit special, because she  also like to read and write like me. Seeing her massage, I asked her how much I am trying. I want to write so much but I am not able to write anything. She said dont worry,  it happens sometimes.

I said, it would have happened, but I used to write with such passion that it is not that my writing is over now. I felt sad, because this was the thing that used to make me happy, but now I am not able to do that either.

Then she said, maybe you are in “Writer’s block” condition, I felt a bit strange to hear, so I asked her what are these “Writer’s blocks”. Then explained to me that, this is a condition where The person who writes, that person cannot write for some time or his ability to write is reduced. and this is called “Writer’s block.”

This was the first time I heard that something like this happens, after talking to her, I searched Google and got information about many such conditions.

Then I realized how many conditions we have for humans, there are  some feelings and situation according to our every mood. If seen, human lives are very intersting, but if we want then only we can make it as much intersting. If we want, we can make 365 days of the year the best days of our lives. But if we try …

I got the solution of my writing block, but just think what mood you are in and how much intersting you can make it. Just try to be happy, the reason will be found automatically.

Do what comforts your soul

Comfort is that which is difficult to describe in words. It can only be felt. It is very important to be happy to live a good life but unfortunately happiness has vanished from the lives of most people. Different people have different ideas of happiness/comfort. Some people believe that it can be found in money, some people are in love then feel happy and some feel happiness and satisfaction when they do good work in professional life.

But it is often seen that people do not recognize that comfort of theirs.
Only we can understand what our comfort is from. Finding a purpose is a lifelong challenge, a lifelong struggle. A career choice isn’t necessarily going to give us that. Finding fulfillment in the things we do whether it be a career, hobby, charity, or just in our daily lives is what truly we should be “doing” with our lives.

In the easiest language, comfort means doing something that makes you happy, whether the situation is according to you or not.
And comfort is the only thing that can keep you tied to you irrespective of the situation. That is why if you know your comfort then do not let it get lost.

5 Books you need to read

Bhagavad Gita

I will not only call Bhagavad Gita a book, but this book is a university in itself. You will get the solution of the hard work of your life in simple language in Bhagavad Gita. In the Mahabharata, when Arjuna was unable to understand what to do, how to do it because he was in the midst of war. Then the knowledge that Lord Krishna had given to Arjuna at that time, you will get inside it. Best books to read.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist’ is the story of a Shepherd who wants to roam the world. Wants to gain the treasure of the whole world. When he finds the treasure of the world after many ups and downs, he realizes that the treasure was already with him ‘who he himself was’. The ‘Alchemist’ book teaches us how to overcome our fears, how we can hear the voice of our heart. I will speak this book for every person who thinks that my dreams can never be fulfilled. If you think so, then you must read this book. If you want to see the world from a new perspective, then you must read this book. Best books to read

Top 5 regrets of daying

This book has been written by Bronnie ware. Actually Bronnie works as a nurse in a hospital and used to take care of the patients who are taking their last breaths.During the conversation with those patients, bronnie notices that every dying person has some kind of regret in his mind.And the amazing thing is that there was no similarity in those patients, but their regrets were similar.
And she has written about the same regrets in this book.You all must read this book once so that you too can avoid that regrets.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book is written by ‘Robert Kiyosaki’, he has written the talk of two fathers in this book. A father who is very poor and a father who is very rich. The poor father is the author’s own father and the rich father is the father of the author’s best friend. The one who is a poor father, that is, the father of a writer, went to work in his old way ie traditional way and continued to struggle financially throughout his life. And the rich father who changed traditional ways and became richest man. Best books to read, after reading this book, you will get to know a lot of things. Towards income, finance, success. By reading this book, you will be able to understand that it is not necessary that according to the ‘Education System’ you will get success in your life, you will have money. After reading this book your perspective will change how you can earn more from your mindset. You can get even more success.

Think and grow rich

This book written by Napoleon Hill. In this book, the author has stated the Laws (Rules) of a select few successful people, who are universal, that any person can become successful in their life by following it. Best books to read. Many people followed those laws in their lives and became millionaires, successful. And let me tell you that Napoleon Hill studied more than 20 years to write this book. At that time, more than 500 people who were successful, were rich, the author studied them. He gave so much research, so much study, so much time, so think for yourself what will be the impact of this book. And what wonderful motivational things would have been written in this book. Best books to read.

Every moment is a fresh beginning.

Every moment is a new beginning. I think strength is always in the present moment. You never stop, Our own mind changes here and at this moment. It does not matter how long we have been immersed in negative thoughts or a bad relationship or financial crisis or self-reproach. We can start making changes in it today.

Don’t you think it depends on yourself whether you are happy or unhappy.
I think that, if we want we can be happy and if we want we can also be sad. It all depends on what we want or do not want.No matter how big or bad a situation is, a new start can change everything.And I can say this with such confidence, because I have seen this by following myself.

Why think about things which are not in our hands or which we cannot change. There are so many things around us that we can think about, and we can be happy too. Now there will be people who can say that, it is good to say all this, but it is equally difficult to start or think about new beginning.

Definitely it is not always easy to capture your thoughts, because they grow very fast. Nevertheless, we can start to listen and listen to our words from now on. If you hear yourself some kind of negative words then stop in the middle. Either change the sentence or just leave it. Now if you choose those thoughts that cause problems and suffering then it is foolishness. It is like this, as if you always choose the food that makes you sick. We can do this once or twice, but as soon as we know which foods are harmful to our body, we stay away from them. It is the same with thoughts. Let us stay away from thoughts that cause problems and suffering.

Our mind decides our future. When something happens in our present, which is undesirable, we should use our mind to change that situation. And we can start changing it right away.

If you are also struggling with such a situation, then leave those things and start a fresh beginning from this moment.

Why I like to read..

Reading is the best and easiest way to keep yourself updated. I learn something new on my own from the habit of reading. And that’s why I like to read. I read Newspaper, Books, Attricles,blogs all these, but I have more interest in reading books.

Books are your best friends, it is rightly said, because whenever I read a book, my mood gets completely right.

If you have ever read a book in your life, you will know the joy and pleasure of reading. Reading is an exercise that keeps your mind active and healthy. Developing the habit of reading is important not only for knowledge, but for personal growth and development.

Reading books is also a way to try and reduce stress. Reading enhances your understanding of life. Reading also inspires you to write and can fall in love with writing. If we want to adopt some good habits in life, then reading should definitely top our list.

I think if you are sad or unhappy then instead of taking tension on it, if you read something then it can come much better. I will not say that your problem will be solved by reading, but yes you can be happy forgetting the troubles for some time.

If this ever happens to you, then definitely start reading, you will definitely get the happiness that I feel.

A Book I Just Read.

Her last wish

Sometimes in life we have to face such situations, which complicates life. But from there our real life starts,how do we face those situations. I have just read one such book, ” Her Last Wish”.

This novel has a unique story of a couple’s love. Husband’s name is Vijay and he has got astha his wife after great difficulties. Actually, Vijay is a human who speaks less and earns less due to lack of self confidence. Vijay has been able to get astha by rejecting 14 girls in his life.

Aastha is a girl who may have faced many problems in her family, but she is a confident Morden girl. She likes to do parties, eat non-veg, while Vijay is a straight-tempered boy, who is happy only in home bread.

After some time, when Husband Vijay comes to know that his wife is suffering from a major disease like HIV and she has few days left. To make those days special, he takes to fulfill her wishes, which Aastha wrote after drinking five ‘vodka shots’. These 7 dream makes this story more interesting.That is, the desires that were not easy for a middle class husband. To read what those desires were, you have to read the novel.However, those wishes were something that was difficult for Vijay to fulfill, but not impossible.

This book teaches us that we should never give up  chasing our dreams.
The whole book is full of life lessons. In this book, we can learn the actual meaning of Relationship. Full of emotions.

My Love Affair with….!

Loving someone is not our hand’s, it just happens. In the same way i did not know when I got this love.
Probably it started in school days.
Although I was very good at school, but I was more interested in other activities.
I still remember that I got the first prize of a writing skill competition in 7th standard.That first prize had increased my respect in school a bit more.
And from there I fell in love, I fell in love with writing.

Yes, it will sound a bit strange but I love love writing. I love writing many times more than the deep friendship I have with books.
The more I love to read books, the more relaxed I get from writing.

From school to high school, my interest in writing increased and my love continued to grow here.

In the life of every loving person, there are strict parents who come in the way of love.But I was very lucky about this, because my family had given me a discount. They used to say whatever you like, do it only to give happiness.
And perhaps that was the reason, which grew with writing my attachment.

Love has a beginning but has no ending. In the same way once I start writing, there is no care to finish it.I get as much pleasure from writing as anyone gets from talking to their favorite person.

When there is a fight between two loving people, they stop talking to each other, sometimes it happens to me in the same way.Even if I try hard, I do not understand what to write. Like, as if suddenly writing is over.
But my pen cannot remain angry with me for a long time, in some time it comes to writing automatically.

I have lived in love, now it is just to see, how long does it support, or does it leave half way like any infidel lover.