Happiness in relationships

Many people associate happiness with money and many people associate it with relationships. They do not understand that they will not feel happy in their relationships as long as they are not happy themselves. Relationship problems are increasing rapidly and the main reason behind this is that we expect too much from the other person. We hope that they make us feel happy. We lie in our minds like, ‘If our partner buys us a dress, we will be happy’ or ‘If our partner is planning a surprise for us, then we will be happy’. This problem is not only with the couple but it is with each relationship whether it is a parental relationship or a sibling relationship or friendship.

Here are some facts below that can help you be happy:

Take care of yourself
Take care of yourself. Do not prioritize the other person over yourself and do not let him do the same. If you give too much priority to someone and you get nothing in return then you are preparing a recipe for your disappointment.

Get started
If you want to go somewhere, plan it yourself. Do not wait for your partner, parent or child to take you there. Let them know that they will like you if they come together. However there is no need to be disappointed if they refuse. Keep your plan going.

Give personal time
You need to give time to your partner and give your personal time to maintain a healthy relationship.

The conclusion
We set unrealistic expectations from other people in our lives and believe that if they truly love us, they will express it in the same way. This is almost certainly false. It only hurts relationships rather than doing any good. We need to understand that the only person who can make you feel really happy is yourself.

Why I ‘Smile’..

It is very important to always smile in life. Smile is the jewel of every human being, people who keep smiling not only keep themselves away from mental stress, live healthy lives, but also work to make the environment around them positive. Because smile is the most beautiful gift given by God.

Every person needs to understand that a smile is a gift that is very precious even without any value, the giver has little to offer, but the recipient is happy, whereas the greatest rich person in life would be the one Is that which wins his heart by giving others his smile.

Look, as long as we are alive, it will never happen that we will not be disappointed, will not be disturbed and trouble will never be broken on us! In the meantime, we will have a smile that will give us the courage to fight everything.

Smiling is considered to be the proof of positivity, so in every situation one should keep smiling, while the person who smiles in every situation and faces all the troubles of life easily.

Scientific Facts.

We learn many things in our everyday life. But we forget those things and forget them. Today I am going to tell you about some such scientific facts.To understand these facts, I have experienced all those things and I want to share these facts based on those experiences.

There are some things in our life that have a certain reason, but we do not try to know this. Today’s my blog is on the same scientific facts which may be some helpful for you.

1. Your subconscious mind has the answers to all your problems, if you tell your mind before sleeping that I want to get up at 6 am,it will wake you up at exactly 6 o’clock.
Actually, this has happened to me since childhood, I have never had the need for Alarm in my life till date. And now I have come to know that there are certain facts behind this,That if we ask our mind to do something, your brain will help you in it.

2. Never be an open book in life, no matter how close the next person is to you. Because in today’s genration no one is as true and good as we think.
Always learn to tell people as much as the people in front need to know.

3. If a person speaks less but speaks faster then it means that he is a person with a secret personality. Those who keep most things to themselves.
I am a very fast-talking person, so I have experienced this myself, and people who know me personally here will probably understand it better. 😜

4. If you have trouble sleeping, then open and close your eyes fast, doing this will make your eyelids tired and forced to sleep.
I am a person who can hardly sleep easily at night, so I have seen this by myself, and believe me, I have benefited greatly from this. If there are any of you who have trouble sleeping like me or do not sleep at night, then definitely try it once.

5. If you have to practice any good habit, but you are unable to put it. So that habit continued for 21 Days.
After 21 days, you will be forced to do that thing yourself.
I have a lot of habits in my life that started with 21 days formula, and still they are going on.

Apart from this, if you have such an intersting facts, please share it, I will be very happy.

What Makes Us Happy.

Happiness is a state of bliss. If you train your brain to be in this position then it will learn to live in the same way. This is because whatever your mind says your mind believes the same. However it is not as easy as it seems.

What is happniess

Happiness, is a word that positive sensations start coming in the mind. When happiness comes, the mind is involved in everything in life. If you want to do any work in life properly, then it cannot be done without happiness.

We might tell ourselves, “If only things were different, then I’d be happy.”Earlier I used to think the same, that if it were, then maybe I would be happy.
But as I tried to change my way of seeing my way of living, I started becoming happier than before.

I once asked a very close friend of mine, what is happiness for him?
He said, if we can find happiness in what we have, then everyone can be happy.And I find this to be very true, because the expectation of all people has increased nowadays.And perhaps this is why we do not remain happy even if we are happy, because we want what we do not have.

I had read a book, it is quite a popular book, many of you must have read it.
The name of the book is The Alchemist. The book is very good, definitely read once. So it says that,

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

I think that every person should love themselves, when we learn to love ourselves then we will do all those things for ourselves, which makes us really happy.And when we are truly happy, everything feels right, the people around, the world around, everything.And we really need to love ourselves, in today’s artificial world we have forgotten all these things.

So ask yourself once, what do you get to be happy, because no one can ask these questions except you and no one can answer it except you.

Happiness is with you, there is no need to go anywhere.I have decided that I have to go through all my life just by laughing no matter what the situation.

Now it’s your turn, always be happy.

Morning walk And Observation….

Morning walk is the key to a healthy life. In the morning when the sun is rising, by breathing in clean air during the time, the body gets rid of many diseases, the mind-brain is energized in the body and laziness runs away.

The morning environment is very good. That’s why many people go for a walk in the morning. The air remains fresh in the morning. Therefore exercise is very important to make the body healthy and pleasing to the mind. The morning sun rays energize the human body. Many people go for walks in the garden.

Apart from all this, there is one more thing that we can do during the morning walk. Its observation.

Today, after a long time, I also experienced Morning Walk. Nowadays, life has become so busy even at home that I am not getting lead time myself.
That’s why thought, take some time out on weekends.

I saw a lot of things today, notice it,oberve it, learned something and got a different reliance.

I have a habit of doing Observation, so that’s why whenever I get time, I do Observe things around me.That is why I do not need to do anything to be happy. I live a different life only through this observation.
And many times we get answers to our questions from this observation only.

Have you ever tried If not, then once you definitely oberserv the people around you and  observ the things around you,There are many things which we get to learn only by observing.

Work From Home

It has been almost 1 year since we all did work from.In view of the risk of corona virus infection, companies around the world have adopted the work from home policy. While this is a new thing for the corporate culture of India and the system adopted in times of disaster, this trend is already there in other countries of the world.During the lockdown all over the country, those doing work from home have made sofa, kitchen counter and even bedroom as office. Let us tell you how you can increase your productivity during work from home.

Need to fight

The Government of India, has released an advertisement on its site. This advertisement states that the government will not be able to fight the Corona virus if you violate the lockdown. So if you want to avoid coronavirus infection, then say yes to Work from Home and avoid getting out of the house.

Office Feeling

The thing is that you create an office-like atmosphere at home. Make your one room or balcony or living room look like this, so that you feel like working in the office.
Secondly, just like you used to be ready for office, work as ready so that you keep your mind up.

Work Time is important

During work from home, be clear about your work hours. Just like you work for a set time after going to office, similarly you work from home also within the stipulated time. You should not be disturbed in the midst of that work, nor do any other work.
Only do office work during office hours. Meaning that even when working from home, you should show seriousness in doing office work, do not take it lightly.

Stay in touch with the team.

You should also keep in touch with your colleagues while working from your home. You can email, you can call, you can chat or make a video call. You will not feel isolated from this.

I hope all these things can be useful to you. 😇

Fitness and Health

We all have two types of property.
One that we earn money and one which is our health.

If all your money is lost or taken away, it will not be as tragic as it would be if your health worsens. Health is an invaluable fund after which it cannot be found by losing anything

Just think about the situation when you have a lot of money, infinite facilities but you do not have enough health to use that money or you are not healthy enough to survive till that money is spent.

It is a terrible fantasy, but it is not just a fantasy. It can and does happen. People spend their entire lives in the running of the world, but when they get the benefit of that race, by then they are ill, so much of the ill is no use of this advantage.

Actually, it is not his fault. All the blame here is our own. We have got this body for free, no matter how poor, no matter how rich, everyone gets equal physical ability and strength.But for how long the physical capacity of the person will remain, it depends on the work done by that person to save his health. How much importance a person gives to his health.

I am not only talking about physical health, it also includes mental health. You all know that without a brain our body is just one machine without a non-control, and a machine without control is completely useless.

There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved and the problem of health is very easy to solve. You have to take some time out of your busy daily life.
The biggest root of health problems is hidden in food and drink.

The problem is not limited to cereals alone, there has also been an increase in the number of such food items in the market which are staunch enemies of health. We eat these things with a spattering. This is a big problem and for the first solution, do not eat such a diet. Eat healthy stay healthy.

Another reason to lose health early is in today’s busy era we do not have time to exercise. Respected listeners, we have been eating unnecessary and health-less diets continuously for many years. This type of diet has accumulated a lot of fat in our body which is jamming our body.

Our daily life also passes by sitting in front of the computer. Students also have to sit and read for hours. This is why our body is not able to show much activity. Allow only 30 to 60 minutes of exercise throughout your day. It will definitely be effective, and its result will be seen years later when all your companions are losing health.

Not only physical health But mental health is also equally important. To save mental health, we have to give proper rest to our brain. Our daily life is very busy and in such a situation our brain is under stress all the time.

Sleep and do yoga to keep the brain healthy. By implementing all these schemes, you can save your health. I hope you have been inspired to hear my thoughts. Thank you. 😊


Music plays a big role in everyone’s life. It keeps us busy in free time and makes our lives peaceful.

Some of us are used to listening to music, playing indoor or outdoor games and other moments during study time. However, everyone wants to listen to music in their free time to get some pleasure and relief from their mind.

Music is the best way to be happy and busy in life. In this busy, crowded and corrupt world, where everyone wants to harm each other at all times, music keeps us happy during these difficult times and helps to provide relief to our brain.

I have realized in my own real life that music is in fact, a tool to help keep everyone happy. Music is more than meditation and yoga, as it benefits both our body and mind. We can listen to music anytime throughout the day, listening to music in a moderate voice is a very good habit.

There are also some Health benefits of music.i..e.
Reduces stress
Eases pain
Improve blood flow
Improve mood
It has a power to cure disease such as depression, insomnia, anxiety.

According to me, Music is our friend, who is always together in our happiness in sorrow. And there is no fear of losing it.
Music can tell us all the emotions that we cannot express with words.

For all of us, music is such a therapist that removes all pain and fills happiness.

Music is our common energy.

Balanced Diet..!

We all have heard this balance diet in science. But has everyone tried to implement it?

In today’s life, the balance diet is very important for all of us, from children to old people. It refers to a diet that has all the essential nutrients and minerals that will keep us healthy.After all, it is important in keeping our health well.

Why is a balanced diet important?

Balanced diet is important because it keeps us fit and fine. It also prevents any illnesses or diseases.
A person intakes appropriate amounts of proteins, minerals, and nutrients in a balanced diet. It is quite necessary for the smooth functioning of our body. If we consume a balanced diet regularly, we will always remain healthy. It lessens any chances of falling ill. Moreover, a balanced diet also boosts our immunity system.

How can we have a balanced diet?

One can have a balanced diet by having a good amount of water. Furthermore, one must always consume fresh foods and chew slowly for proper digestion.
As almost 80% of our body is filled with water, we need it for good metabolism. Thus, start with drinking at least two to three liters of water every day. Moreover, try cutting down on the consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, and other such addictive liquids.

Furthermore, one must always eat fresh vegetables and fruits. As fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of fiber and vitamins, we must consume them for good body growth. Try to avoid eating deep-fried or overcooked food as it loses all its nutrients. The balanced diet must have the five essential elements, i.e. bitter, sour, sweet, pungent and salty. Also, the emphasis is on fresh fruits because the processed or packed ones do not have nutrients.
Therefore, we see how a balanced diet will keep you healthy and fit. It will improve the quality of your life and keep all the illnesses away.


It is a good thing to think. But what if thinking becomes your biggest problem.

Thinking is good to a certain extent, but when it starts to cause problems, then it is not just a thought ot thinking, it is called OVERTHINKING.
First of all, know what overthinking means really

Overthinking is –
“to think about something too much or for too long.

70% of the people in this world have fought with overthinking. But still they deny the mind that this is a disease with which they are struggling every day.

I may not be able to tell you any solution on this, but I can tell some things that  might work.
See, we all think because we have a fear that does not let us sleep and forces us to think.
So, that is why it is very important to explain to ourselves that what we are taking tension about, we will think about it only when it is necessary.

Because who has seen tomorrow?

Why should we waste today by taking tension about tomorrow.

Once you succeed in convincing yourself, understand that your overthinking is over.

And believe it works.