Note to self

We can never change the work done in our past, but we get to see the result of those works in our present.
And our every present day, tomorrow becomes our past.

And we are very lucky that everyday we get our new today. So try whatever you do today, do good for yourself and others because tomorrow it will become past again and we will not be able to change anything.

So make it a great day.😊

Power of the mind

Our mind has such power that it can spoil everything, or can make a lot.
It depends on you how you want to use it.

Your mind can imagine and create the life you need with limitless possibilities.
Do not let your mind stop you for anything.

For example, If we look at the sky, our mind feels that it is as much as it can see. But actually it is not so, that’s why try to expand the mind. The more you expand the mind, the better you will be able to think.

Time Is The Greatest Healer, But….!

Time is the greatest healer. This is a popular saying, but I believe that this is not completely correct. Time will do nothing for you if you do not use time properly.Time fills your wounds but, it is not the main motivation to move forward. After getting hurt, you have to try yourself to move forward in life.

It is not right to say that everything will be alright with time. Because time does not work with us, we move with time.When you leave the responsibility of your happiness and wounds on time, then you lose a lot. Because the purpose of time is not to give happiness or erase pain, memories or people. Rather, the purpose of time is to learn new people, new opportunities, and new experiences.Time and emotions should be controlled but they should not be stopped for long.

If you are doing everything to handle yourself but still not able to understand even after doing all this, whether you are going right with time or not. Then  notice that you are spending your day with regular routine or just trying to show that everything is fine.

I Learned that we should not get bored with regular routine. Regular routine means that everything is going well in our life. That’s why try that you should spend all your time in the way you like to spend. So that everything goes right in your life.

Look, Time heals nothing. Its what you do with that time that means everything.Try to control your time, believe it, by doing this, you will save yourself from unnecessary pain in future.


Perspectives is a very big thing. Everyone’s thinking, seeing, understanding perspective is different. If the same thing is seen or thought in many ways, then many questions and answers can be found.And many complaints and misunderstandings can be overcome.

Whatever the person thinks, the world looks the same.Some people always dream of moving forward looking at problems and some people see opportunity everywhere.Things appear according to your thinking and it happens the same…

Perspective makes a huge difference on our success.If the outlook is negative, then you will still be troubled despite everything you have. Remember, it is many times easier than trying unsuccessfully to change everyone in the world, change yourself ..

Make a habit of finding happiness .. Try to find opportunities in troubles… because sitting by holding your head will not achieve anything ..

We can be sad even after getting everything or we can be happy even if we do not get anything. This is the perspective of looking at our lives.

Look, the perspective is always as limited as we think. So try to expand your thinking, if you can expand your knowledge, then somewhere else, the perspective of our life will also get bigger.

In every situation, there are two aspects of the situation, there are two views. One is negative and the other is positive. When we look at things from a negative perspective, we simply remain upset, depressed, remain unhappy, can harm ourselves or others, spoil our relationships with others and do not attempt to get out of that situation.

Whereas on seeing things by being positive one,finds the reason for every trouble.From every problem, difficulties and troubles find a way out.

Therefore it is better to be upset by being negative, to be unhappy, to be happy by being positive and try to get out of those situations, from difficulties, from troubles.

Things remain the same, we can change our circumstances with our perspective.

Something I want to learn…

I always like to learn something new, and I keep learning. But only one such thing which I have not been able to learn till date.

Yes, nowadays I am trying to learn to say ‘No’.Don’t know why, but I can’t say No to anyone even if I want to.And perhaps for this reason, I have to deal with many problems.

But I have just come to know that it is not a bad thing to say no, if I do not like anything, or if I do not like to do anything then I should say No.

To say ‘No’ is not to be rude or self centered but to be self-respecting.
I don’t understand why we hesitate to say no, I had read somewhere that we are not that confident, that is why we cannot say No. And I think this is probably true. Perhaps I am not so confident. Does the same happen to you?

But now this is time, to give yourself the permission to say “No” to that makes you unhappy and or drains your energy. When we will say yes to ourselves, then only we will able to say No to others with love. Being able to say “No” is also a fantastic skill when it comes to improving your personal life. 

I have decided that no matter what happens now, I will do what I like, and never say yes that does not give me happiness.

If you get this right too, then start “Learning to say no without explaining yourself”

What Makes Us Happy.

Happiness is a state of bliss. If you train your brain to be in this position then it will learn to live in the same way. This is because whatever your mind says your mind believes the same. However it is not as easy as it seems.

What is happniess

Happiness, is a word that positive sensations start coming in the mind. When happiness comes, the mind is involved in everything in life. If you want to do any work in life properly, then it cannot be done without happiness.

We might tell ourselves, “If only things were different, then I’d be happy.”Earlier I used to think the same, that if it were, then maybe I would be happy.
But as I tried to change my way of seeing my way of living, I started becoming happier than before.

I once asked a very close friend of mine, what is happiness for him?
He said, if we can find happiness in what we have, then everyone can be happy.And I find this to be very true, because the expectation of all people has increased nowadays.And perhaps this is why we do not remain happy even if we are happy, because we want what we do not have.

I had read a book, it is quite a popular book, many of you must have read it.
The name of the book is The Alchemist. The book is very good, definitely read once. So it says that,

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

I think that every person should love themselves, when we learn to love ourselves then we will do all those things for ourselves, which makes us really happy.And when we are truly happy, everything feels right, the people around, the world around, everything.And we really need to love ourselves, in today’s artificial world we have forgotten all these things.

So ask yourself once, what do you get to be happy, because no one can ask these questions except you and no one can answer it except you.

Happiness is with you, there is no need to go anywhere.I have decided that I have to go through all my life just by laughing no matter what the situation.

Now it’s your turn, always be happy.

Do Something Remarkable..!

Diwali is a very big festival for all the people of India. Some Hindu people who believe in Diwali,and there are many people who, despite living in another country outside India, consider this festival with the same fog.

It is truly praiseworthy that, even after being so far away, they are keeping the values ​​of Hindu culture and tradition.
We also give gifts to each other on Diwali, and everyone wants to give unique gifts to anyone who remembers forever.

So this Diwali, do something that everyone should remember.

Today, people have gone a long way, they have got money, respect, name and fame. Nobody needs anyone.
That is why people are forgetting humanity as well.Today, people are going to big malls and markets to shop for essential items of Diwali.But, no one wants to buy things from people who are selling their hand-made things by putting their small shops on the roads.

This Diwali Please try to be a little Kind without any reason and expectation,And shop from those people who need it more, they don’t want money from you, They only want to earn their money so that they can celebrate Diwali at their home.

We do not need to be a very good person, only if we become a good person, it will also work.

If you buy ten diyas from them, then one diya can burn in their house and they can also celebrate Diwali at their house. And it will be very nice when Diwali will be celebrated at someone’s house because of you.

It’s not about the shopping or just buying something, It’s about” is a way to highlight the importance of something.

I have done it, and have also shared with you, now it’s your turn.

So this Diwali, do something that will be memorable for you and Remarkable for others.

A Turning Point

Every person in the world comes to such a point in their life, where some incidents happen in such a way that their life is completely changed.
Where a person becomes so matured that he can understand the difference between right and wrong but cannot take the right or wrong decision himself.

Yes, you are getting it right, I am talking about the same turning point which the society calls marriage.

If seen from the perspective of society, a girl should marry her right age,
But not necessarily the age which is right according to them, it should be right for that girl too.

Just the same is happening to me. Yes, my family is with me, but it is very difficult for me to understand why marriage is so important.

Similarly every other girl in the world has questions and this problem. But to tell or share this about someone, she does not think it right.Some girls share but not with the right person, that is why they do not get the right answers to these questions.

I had heard that, When a human himself falls into questions, he is also forced to find answers. Similarly,
I have learned some things from my life and if I share the same thing, then maybe you feel less scared while taking this decision.

Yes, I agree that, marriage is such a turning point in life after which life changes in a pure way. And neither can we tell that everything will be right.

And this is the biggest question that most people are afraid of.

Every person has a question for every problem, and the same person also has an answer, just we do not try to find.

Everything in life has its own unique beauty. Then whether it is career, job or marriage.If time management and positive attitude, then everything can be done in a beautiful way.
We keep making adjustments and commitments throughout life, and we try to complete it as well,
Then why hesitate in making the same commitments and adjustments regarding marriage.

Marriage, to me, means choosing your team-mate, committing to them and working together for the rest of your lives.

It’s a natural way for males and females who are two different parts of life to come together and find meaning. In fact marriage makes every human being complete
And this is the beauty of the marriage.

what will happen tomorrow, whether everything will be right or not, we cannot tell. But you can try to make sure that everything is correct.

You must have heard ,

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.

So you just change your perspective, life will become beautiful to you. And then this turning point will become the most beautiful turning point in your life.

Work From Home

It has been almost 1 year since we all did work from.In view of the risk of corona virus infection, companies around the world have adopted the work from home policy. While this is a new thing for the corporate culture of India and the system adopted in times of disaster, this trend is already there in other countries of the world.During the lockdown all over the country, those doing work from home have made sofa, kitchen counter and even bedroom as office. Let us tell you how you can increase your productivity during work from home.

Need to fight

The Government of India, has released an advertisement on its site. This advertisement states that the government will not be able to fight the Corona virus if you violate the lockdown. So if you want to avoid coronavirus infection, then say yes to Work from Home and avoid getting out of the house.

Office Feeling

The thing is that you create an office-like atmosphere at home. Make your one room or balcony or living room look like this, so that you feel like working in the office.
Secondly, just like you used to be ready for office, work as ready so that you keep your mind up.

Work Time is important

During work from home, be clear about your work hours. Just like you work for a set time after going to office, similarly you work from home also within the stipulated time. You should not be disturbed in the midst of that work, nor do any other work.
Only do office work during office hours. Meaning that even when working from home, you should show seriousness in doing office work, do not take it lightly.

Stay in touch with the team.

You should also keep in touch with your colleagues while working from your home. You can email, you can call, you can chat or make a video call. You will not feel isolated from this.

I hope all these things can be useful to you. 😇