Another Chapter – 2021

The new year brings with it new hopes, new goals, new promises, new dreams. People make some new promises to themselves and try to fulfill those promises in the coming year. It is believed that if the first day of the new year is spent well and happily, then the whole year will be passed happily.

Those who had a good year passed wishing that they continue to have such happiness in the coming year. Those who had bad or painful years in the past year wish for a better life than the previous year in the coming year from God.

The true meaning of this is that on this day everyone thinks of starting a new one with a new thought. This is the time when we find solutions to problems. This is the time when we think of something good and see a new goal for our success.

If you also have some goals and tasks that have not been done in the year behind, and if you want to complete them in the coming year, then make a resolution for the coming New Year. If you set a New Year resolution then only you will be able to meet all the goals in the new year

I want to convey my best wishes to all of you at the beginning of this new year and want to say that all of you may have a lot of happiness, success with good health and you all progress.

A Look Back – 2020

31st December 2020, will mark a change for all of us. It will symbolize the leaving behind of 2020 and entering a New Year which will hopefully be better. No one knows when the pandemic will end, but everyone feels like entering 2021 will be like turning a new page.

Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way.

On seeing the whole year has come to an end. The last day of the year has come and looking back, it has left a lot of memories.

This whole year has taught a lot. In this year someone has lost something and someone has gained something.
We have spent the whole year fighting, laughing, crying. We will try to make the coming year the same or better.

Leave behind what is wrong, what is bad. Go ahead with what is right, what is good.

There is nothing to say, just want to tell,
Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.

The Stranger

Last week has been very bad for me, because I have left my friends and have come to live in my hometown. A little crying program was also done between friends and me. 😁

Because now all of us were going to move forward in our life, and our Bachelor days were over.But in all this, a very good story has happened, and that’s why this little memory will also be there for me.

Actually I was waiting for my train at the station with my 2 very closed friends. I was already upset due to being away from my best friend, Train was also preponed in that, so had to come to the station early. I proceeded towards the platform to catch my train by saying good bye to my friends, At the same time, I heard an announcement that my train which was going to come on platform 1 is on platform 2.

I had a lot of luggages, and to go up to platform 2. I had to go up the stairs, Which was very difficult for me. But I did not have much time, because my train had arrived.

I quickly took my luggage in both hands, and quickly started moving towards the platform. So far, I had climbed only 4 steps that my breath started blooming. I started sweating and I was very tired. Because my Luggages were too heavy. 2 boys asked me to help, but because I felt like that stray boy, I refused. I was still climbing the sixth staircase, that I heard some voices, I saw 3 boys standing behind me with their belongings and one of them was climbing up and coming towards me. As soon as he came close to me he said, luggages are very full, if you want, can I help you.

I looked at him, the boy was looking quite decent, and the way of talking seemed good. He said, do not be afraid, I will not run away with your luggage, you can come with me.

And I said yes,πŸ˜‰

he picked up my bag and we quickly moved up to the platform. As I moved forward, my attention went to my bag, which the boy was trying to help me while he was up. That bag was not mine at all. I told him, wait…., it is not my bag. The boy smiled and said, You quickly realized that this is not your bag, For that time I felt like I messed up again, and I lost my luggage. But looking at my face, he said, hey sorry, kidding, don’t take tension, your luggeges are bringing my friend from behind, And I saw 2 boys coming down the stairs with some luggage and my bag, then my tension went down.

Before I asked him anything, he said that when the announcement was made of train, you had taken my luggage in a hurry, and before I called you, you had gone too far. That’s why I took your luggage and followed you. Because you also had my luggage.πŸ˜‡

I got laughed at my stupidness and also angry. Because I always make some mistake. And before I say thank to him, he  said that the train will be missed, let’s hurry. As soon as I moved towards the train, he said, I am in the S3, which Coach are you in? I said S9. He said, it is far enough now, may I help you to go to coach S9 I said oh no no, I will go, thanks for asking, and both of us proceed to go towards our seats. I reached my compartment, put my luggages, and sat comfortably on my bearth. It was 11 o’clock, I informed my mother by calling.

Right now I was just starting to enjoy my journey that a voice came from the lower berth, that someone wants to exchange seats from the S3 compartment. And as soon as I heard the name S3, I remembered about that boy. The person who helped me also had compartment S3. I was thinking about that boy, what a good boy he was, instead of scolding me he helped me so much.

Some stories are like this, we have nothing to do with us, but whenever we remember, we start smiling.

Thinking like this, I did not know when I slept, suddenly my eyes opened at midnight. The boy who was sleeping on the bearth in front of mine was snoring loudly, This is why I lost sleep. I tried to get him up from sleep, but I could not, finally I got up and sat down. At the same time, I got a voice from the lower berth, ‘Excuse me’, will you make a little less voice, we are not able to sleep. Hearing this voice, I felt that I knew him, but how, I tried to see but I could not see.  But now the snoring had stopped, that’s why I bowed down and said thank you.  Voice came again from below, ‘Always welcome dear’.

Oh my god… I remembered,πŸ˜€
it was the voice of the same boy,πŸ˜…

Hey, have you forgotten, the same boy, Compartment S3.πŸ˜‰

I came to know later that someone who had to exchange seats in the compartment of S3, this boy had helped him.

Don’t know why, but there was a different happiness. Because, looking at it, the day was very bad, My mood was not good, I was upset. The train was preponed, I had heavy luggages, platform numbers were changed.

But in spite of all this, I got this boy for my help. Who saved me from losing my luggages, helped me to bring my all bags to the platform. And, how can I forget snoring, πŸ˜‚which My sleep was disturbed due to this.😬

Don’t know, but that boy had a very positive vibes, which made my mood completely fit.

And so far so good..  Yes, It all started when I accidentally picked up the wrong Luggage at the Station.πŸ˜„

Thank you note to my Roomies.

Yes I know I could say thank you myself, but maybe by writing I will be able to share my feelings better.

I do not know whether I am good or my roomies/friend, but the relationship we have is the best.

Thank you so much for making me be an important part of your life.
I am very sad to get away from you, but I have so many memories that will make me happy forever.

Thank you for always encouraging me and supporting me from little to big life decisions.

Thank you for making food for me when I’m hungry whether its 12.00 PM or 12.00 AM.

Thank you for tolerating to me when I am totally being annoying.

Those birthday surpises of you, which I can never forget. Thanks for that too.

How can I forget, when I fell ill, you all kept awake throughout the night and looked after me.

If I want to say, I have a list of things for which I have to say thanks. But I do not want to repay the debt by saying thanks. I want this loan for a lifetime, which I never want to repay.

I always thought making lifelong friends was not that easy when you’re old, but here you guyes are comes, proving me wrong. You guys have become my family, not just my best friends.

I know that soon we will all get away from each other, everyone’s paths will be different, we will go far in life but
But the place in my heart for you can never change.

Every moment is a fresh beginning.

Every moment is a new beginning. I think strength is always in the present moment. You never stop, Our own mind changes here and at this moment. It does not matter how long we have been immersed in negative thoughts or a bad relationship or financial crisis or self-reproach. We can start making changes in it today.

Don’t you think it depends on yourself whether you are happy or unhappy.
I think that, if we want we can be happy and if we want we can also be sad. It all depends on what we want or do not want.No matter how big or bad a situation is, a new start can change everything.And I can say this with such confidence, because I have seen this by following myself.

Why think about things which are not in our hands or which we cannot change. There are so many things around us that we can think about, and we can be happy too. Now there will be people who can say that, it is good to say all this, but it is equally difficult to start or think about new beginning.

Definitely it is not always easy to capture your thoughts, because they grow very fast. Nevertheless, we can start to listen and listen to our words from now on. If you hear yourself some kind of negative words then stop in the middle. Either change the sentence or just leave it. Now if you choose those thoughts that cause problems and suffering then it is foolishness. It is like this, as if you always choose the food that makes you sick. We can do this once or twice, but as soon as we know which foods are harmful to our body, we stay away from them. It is the same with thoughts. Let us stay away from thoughts that cause problems and suffering.

Our mind decides our future. When something happens in our present, which is undesirable, we should use our mind to change that situation. And we can start changing it right away.

If you are also struggling with such a situation, then leave those things and start a fresh beginning from this moment.

I’m here…

I was in my hometown when the lock down started. Just 2 days ago, I came back to Pune.So many memories are attached to this city, even if I want to, I cannot erase it. I notice that many changes have come in the city due to this lock down. But apart from all these changes, one change was making me more nervous and uncomfortable.

Where I live, there is a school nearby. Before the lock down, there used to be small children in the morning. Every morning small children were crowded around the school.And the school used to pray at 7 am in the morning.I used to listen to that Prayer in the small children’s cute voice. In 9 months, I missed a lot, but I missed this things, too much.Because maybe I used to feel my childhood after hearing the voices of those Children’s or Maybe I was addicted to that routine. From 2 days, I have kept looking at the terrace of my building every day, but now the crowd of children like that is not there like before.

There are some memories, which do not have any connection with us, but still remembering it gives a different comfort. Maybe I had some similar connection, that’s why I feel that difference of not having those things.

I think our life is also like this, some things or people have no connection with us but due to getting used to it, we consider those things or people as part of our life and we do not want to lose that comfort.This means life is not easy or difficult, only we make it easy or difficult according to our comfort.And we will not be able to understand the true meaning of life until we go beyond our comfort zone.

Why I like to read..

Reading is the best and easiest way to keep yourself updated. I learn something new on my own from the habit of reading. And that’s why I like to read. I read Newspaper, Books, Attricles,blogs all these, but I have more interest in reading books.

Books are your best friends, it is rightly said, because whenever I read a book, my mood gets completely right.

If you have ever read a book in your life, you will know the joy and pleasure of reading. Reading is an exercise that keeps your mind active and healthy. Developing the habit of reading is important not only for knowledge, but for personal growth and development.

Reading books is also a way to try and reduce stress. Reading enhances your understanding of life. Reading also inspires you to write and can fall in love with writing. If we want to adopt some good habits in life, then reading should definitely top our list.

I think if you are sad or unhappy then instead of taking tension on it, if you read something then it can come much better. I will not say that your problem will be solved by reading, but yes you can be happy forgetting the troubles for some time.

If this ever happens to you, then definitely start reading, you will definitely get the happiness that I feel.

Something I want to learn…

I always like to learn something new, and I keep learning. But only one such thing which I have not been able to learn till date.

Yes, nowadays I am trying to learn to say ‘No’.Don’t know why, but I can’t say No to anyone even if I want to.And perhaps for this reason, I have to deal with many problems.

But I have just come to know that it is not a bad thing to say no, if I do not like anything, or if I do not like to do anything then I should say No.

To say ‘No’ is not to be rude or self centered but to be self-respecting.
I don’t understand why we hesitate to say no, I had read somewhere that we are not that confident, that is why we cannot say No. And I think this is probably true. Perhaps I am not so confident. Does the same happen to you?

But now this is time, to give yourself the permission to say “No” to that makes you unhappy and or drains your energy. When we will say yes to ourselves, then only we will able to say No to others with love. Being able to say β€œNo” is also a fantastic skill when it comes to improving your personal life. 

I have decided that no matter what happens now, I will do what I like, and never say yes that does not give me happiness.

If you get this right too, then start “Learning to say no without explaining yourself”

A Book I Just Read.

Her last wish

Sometimes in life we have to face such situations, which complicates life. But from there our real life starts,how do we face those situations. I have just read one such book, ” Her Last Wish”.

This novel has a unique story of a couple’s love. Husband’s name is Vijay and he has got astha his wife after great difficulties. Actually, Vijay is a human who speaks less and earns less due to lack of self confidence. Vijay has been able to get astha by rejecting 14 girls in his life.

Aastha is a girl who may have faced many problems in her family, but she is a confident Morden girl. She likes to do parties, eat non-veg, while Vijay is a straight-tempered boy, who is happy only in home bread.

After some time, when Husband Vijay comes to know that his wife is suffering from a major disease like HIV and she has few days left. To make those days special, he takes to fulfill her wishes, which Aastha wrote after drinking five ‘vodka shots’. These 7 dream makes this story more interesting.That is, the desires that were not easy for a middle class husband. To read what those desires were, you have to read the novel.However, those wishes were something that was difficult for Vijay to fulfill, but not impossible.

This book teaches us that we should never give up  chasing our dreams.
The whole book is full of life lessons. In this book, we can learn the actual meaning of Relationship. Full of emotions.

I Wonder Why….

I wonder why it is so hard to trust people. Why people are not what they look like, or they are not the way we feel.For me, it is a very simple thing that what I speak or as people see me, I am just like that.But people are not like that at all. As I am growing up, I am seeing a new world.

Some people come into our lives, and go away. Is there really any reason behind our meeting someone or is it just a coincident.

Learning who is meant to be in my life and learning who isn’t meant to be is definitely something I am working on. People come and go and learning who is right and wrong is a huge issue I’m struggling with.