Found something true..

A human being can learn anything at any time. And unknowingly something new I have learned today.

Today After a long vacation, I sat down to write something, But perhaps it was happening for the first time that despite having so many things in mind, I was not able to write anything. So many questions, so many answers to those questions, lots of thinking and memories, and some untold things, Everything was going on in the mind, but still there was nothing to write.

I Was thinking something like this while sitting, then the phone rang, I picked up the phone and saw that a friend’s massage had come.By the way, I have very few friends with whom I talk, but she is a bit special, because she  also like to read and write like me. Seeing her massage, I asked her how much I am trying. I want to write so much but I am not able to write anything. She said dont worry,  it happens sometimes.

I said, it would have happened, but I used to write with such passion that it is not that my writing is over now. I felt sad, because this was the thing that used to make me happy, but now I am not able to do that either.

Then she said, maybe you are in “Writer’s block” condition, I felt a bit strange to hear, so I asked her what are these “Writer’s blocks”. Then explained to me that, this is a condition where The person who writes, that person cannot write for some time or his ability to write is reduced. and this is called “Writer’s block.”

This was the first time I heard that something like this happens, after talking to her, I searched Google and got information about many such conditions.

Then I realized how many conditions we have for humans, there are  some feelings and situation according to our every mood. If seen, human lives are very intersting, but if we want then only we can make it as much intersting. If we want, we can make 365 days of the year the best days of our lives. But if we try …

I got the solution of my writing block, but just think what mood you are in and how much intersting you can make it. Just try to be happy, the reason will be found automatically.

One thought on “Found something true..

  1. I want you to know that “writers block” is an imaginary condition, a lot like a very many other human things.

    If you want to “tear down” these “blocks” you will need life experience. Our ideas for writing comes from what we know and are comfortable “sharing”. If you are at a shortage of ideas, then you will need to put the books and google away. I have found that all a person needs to write is time on Earth.

    Go get a job, kiss someone, fall in love, have a child, lose a close one, gain a close one, experience death in the family, go to jail, start a fight, prevent a fight, plant a vegetable, eat foreign foods, cook some food, spend time with friends, explore new places, get lost somewhere, go fishing or hunting, be faced with fear, cry, laugh, smile, frown, fall down, get back up, be wronged, be righted, be insulted, be insulting, win some, fail some, break something, fix something, learn a skill or trade…..just be alive and pay attention and you will never have a shortage of ideas.

    The other imaginary condition associated with OVER-experience is commitment issues.
    You will find that when the “blocks” are removed you will have so many ideas and very much trouble picking one.

    I hope the very best for your writing venture and you have inspired me to share these FACTS.
    Write about what you know.
    Google is helpful but like a wobbly crutch that you would do best to use with care and be aware that the internet is comprised of mostly opinions and very little facts. Wikipedia is the same. The information available on the internet is like having a mass conversation with millions of people simultaneously, only one hundred are whispering the truth; the other hundreds of thousands are just talking over them and spouting nonsense for money or attention.

    Go out and get some experience, and you will be unstoppable.
    Thank you for being born! Have a wonderful everything!
    Come check out Fartfist’s Unsanity!



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