Something I want to learn…

I always like to learn something new, and I keep learning. But only one such thing which I have not been able to learn till date.

Yes, nowadays I am trying to learn to say ‘No’.Don’t know why, but I can’t say No to anyone even if I want to.And perhaps for this reason, I have to deal with many problems.

But I have just come to know that it is not a bad thing to say no, if I do not like anything, or if I do not like to do anything then I should say No.

To say ‘No’ is not to be rude or self centered but to be self-respecting.
I don’t understand why we hesitate to say no, I had read somewhere that we are not that confident, that is why we cannot say No. And I think this is probably true. Perhaps I am not so confident. Does the same happen to you?

But now this is time, to give yourself the permission to say “No” to that makes you unhappy and or drains your energy. When we will say yes to ourselves, then only we will able to say No to others with love. Being able to say “No” is also a fantastic skill when it comes to improving your personal life. 

I have decided that no matter what happens now, I will do what I like, and never say yes that does not give me happiness.

If you get this right too, then start “Learning to say no without explaining yourself”

One thought on “Something I want to learn…

  1. I too love learning new things, and I call myself a hobby collector exactly because of that. But like you, I have trouble saying no too. It’s something that needs constant practice, and I hope one day to master it. Here’s to learning the art together!

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