A Book I Just Read.

Her last wish

Sometimes in life we have to face such situations, which complicates life. But from there our real life starts,how do we face those situations. I have just read one such book, ” Her Last Wish”.

This novel has a unique story of a couple’s love. Husband’s name is Vijay and he has got astha his wife after great difficulties. Actually, Vijay is a human who speaks less and earns less due to lack of self confidence. Vijay has been able to get astha by rejecting 14 girls in his life.

Aastha is a girl who may have faced many problems in her family, but she is a confident Morden girl. She likes to do parties, eat non-veg, while Vijay is a straight-tempered boy, who is happy only in home bread.

After some time, when Husband Vijay comes to know that his wife is suffering from a major disease like HIV and she has few days left. To make those days special, he takes to fulfill her wishes, which Aastha wrote after drinking five ‘vodka shots’. These 7 dream makes this story more interesting.That is, the desires that were not easy for a middle class husband. To read what those desires were, you have to read the novel.However, those wishes were something that was difficult for Vijay to fulfill, but not impossible.

This book teaches us that we should never give up  chasing our dreams.
The whole book is full of life lessons. In this book, we can learn the actual meaning of Relationship. Full of emotions.

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