I Wonder Why….

I wonder why it is so hard to trust people. Why people are not what they look like, or they are not the way we feel.For me, it is a very simple thing that what I speak or as people see me, I am just like that.But people are not like that at all. As I am growing up, I am seeing a new world.

Some people come into our lives, and go away. Is there really any reason behind our meeting someone or is it just a coincident.

Learning who is meant to be in my life and learning who isn’t meant to be is definitely something I am working on. People come and go and learning who is right and wrong is a huge issue I’m struggling with.

2 thoughts on “I Wonder Why….

  1. Bharti

    I am really happy to see your writing
    Dear… ….read all the …..you can become a very good writer……happy to see my yonger sister has grown up…..lots of love.

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