A Travel Journey Of My Life That I Cannot Forget.

This has happened when I was only 23 years old and was very attached to my mother.Probably because of this attachment, I never went anywhere alone, nor did I like to go anywhere. But there came a time of my life when I had to travel far away and that too alone.

So the story started something, I had to move away from my city to Pune to do my further studies as well as job.
Now because I was from a middle class family I thought if I do any job along with studies, I will get an experience,How to talk to people and I will learn to be alone, and will be able to earn a little money which could be useful for me.
So I had already thought about how to live there, what to do, and many such small things.

I had to reach Pune before 22nd date, because the collage in which I had to take admission had some formality left and had to be completed.
So that’s why I booked the reservation for the train on the 18th.

I remember this date very well, 18 March 2017.It was the second day of Holi, the color we play.

So finally that day has come, I had packed my luggage, the reservation was confirmed. And my train was supposed to arrive at the station on 2.30.

Our train name was Maharashtra Express Gondia to Pune.There was some time left in train’s Arrival,
I turned around, took money out of my bag and took 2 chips packets and casually put the remaining money in the small corner of the bag.

Now the twist was that our train was a bit late, and one which was the second Maharashtra Express which was going from Pune to Gondia, had arrived on the platform.
Now due to this similar name train, I felt that this is probably my train and I caught the same train.

And that big twist, the seat I booked, I got the same seat in the wrong train too.And I very happily left my city, and began to enjoy my journey. Because maybe I didn’t even know what was going to happen.

A few hours later, when the train moved ahead of its 4th station, I was asked by an uncle sitting on the next seat, where are you going, beta? I also told enthusiastically, Pune.

He again asked do you really want to go to Pune? But this time there was concern with the question.
And I got a little nervous hearing this question again ,Maybe I was feeling that something was going wrong. I also removed the nervousness and asked, what is the matter?
Uncle again expressed concern, “Beta, this train is not going to Pune, we are coming from Pune and this train will go to Gondia.” You caught the wrong train,

For some time, I did not understand what to say,I could not understand what to do, seeing the tension on my face, Uncle said, Do not worry , do not take tension, we have not come very far ,get down to the next station and catch another train.
Hearing this, my tension decreased slightly, but bigger tension and twist was going to come forward.

The next station came and I packed all my belongings and got off the train somehow. Right now I had to first check the train which is going to Pune, it was very difficult for me, but still I went to the ticket booking counter and I asked, is there a train going to Pune now? The person sitting in front window said, Yes, 2 hours later.

I asked can I get a reservation now? They said, of course, 1270 rs please.
I said okay, and started looking at my small bag to get money,but I could not find my small bag in which I kept all my money, tickets, important documents, ATM and debit card.

I told the person with that window, I am not getting the money, I come in a while to get the ticket, I leave and I started thinking that I might have put all that stuff in my big bag.

Then one by one I opened up all my things, but I could not find my bag anywhere.Then I understood that the bag which I was trying to find was somewhere lost, or maybe stolen.

At a stranger city station, I was standing alone with a lot of my belongings, and I had no money,
No ATM from which I can withdraw money, nor any ID proof.

I was very angry, and crying too. But I was crying in my heart, I did not let the tears come,because I did not want any problem again, which could have been caused by my crying.
Seeing me in such a situation, some people at the station asked, is everything right? And I nodded and said yes, yes Because I did not want anyone to know what happened, because I did not want to trust anyone.

Suddenly I remembered that I had bought something at the station and put the remaining money in this bag,
I got up quickly and opened my big bag and started looking for money here and there, and suddenly I got 320 rs from one corner of the bag.I was very happy to see the money, because I had got some hope.

By the way, it was not so difficult. I could solve the problem by calling my mother at home.She could send someone back to bring me there, but I do not want that.she sent me with great confidence, because the she believed that I could go alone, stay alone. And I don’t want to break her trust.

I had decide that somehow I have to go to Pune, and have to hide this thing from my mother.Because if she knew this, she would not let me go alone again.I took out the remaining 320 rupees from the bag, and went to get the ticket counter.I asked the ticket taker near the window, which one will be the cheapest ticket, then they gave me a ticket for 250 rupees, General coach ticket.Now I had some 70 Rupas left and I had to think what to do next and how to do it. 🔜

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