Can you learn to love? …

Keep your heart safe, it is very sensitive. Some small things and incidents leave a deep impact on it.

When a child is born, it does not need to teach him love. He can feel the feelings that his mother has for him.

In the same way no one needs to learn love, just need to understand what love is. And Whoever understood what love is, he learns to love.

We have often seen that some people are confused with the words love and affection, because they do not understand what is the difference between the two, and due to this confusion they often  takes both emotions in the wrong place. Which is wrong.

What is love?

Love is a set of emotions that we experience. Love can also mean trust or behavior that shows your affection for someone. Love is a feeling that everyone cherishes. It makes them feel happy and important.
Love can be for many things, family, partners, pets, nature, and even for oneself. Honesty, care, and trust accompany love. As humans, we depend on one and other, and though we may be different, love binds us all together and making the world a much better place.

It has often been seen that people do not understand the difference between love and Affection

Love and Affection are two separable feelings.  The main difference between love and affection is that love is deeper and stronger than affection. If we love someone, we’ll feel affection for that person, but we don’t love everyone we feel affection for.

Love is always associated with positive feelings like caring, warmth, and happiness.

Affection is a gentle feeling of fondness, caring or liking. It is a moderate feeling or emotion compared to love. Unlike love, affection does not consist of passionate or romantic feelings. Yet, affection makes you feel safe and cared for. 

In affection you never want to see the front person unhappy whereas in love you never want to see your loved one away.

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