Friends are the family that you choose.

What a strange thing, Because of this corona or because of this lockdown due to corona, everyone’s life has changed a lot.Everything has changed, or we can say, has been forced to bring change.

If seen, it is good and to some extent bad.If we look at positively, the good thing is,Where it was necessary to go to the office, the work from home did a very good job. Really , I did not think at all, that I would be able to do my office work sitting with my family like this.

But the sad thing for me is that I am away from my family that I had chosen.It is said, friend is our family, and this is the relation we choose. And maybe that’s why we value them It is like a family.

I got very good friends at every stage of my age. But the friends/flatmets I have now, who I understand as family, do not know why but I have some special relationship with them. To say this is my flatments, but no less than the family.Just as we get love, affection, care, respect from our family, I get the same from them.

Yes, I am happy that I am with my parents, but I am also sad that half of my family is away.It is heard that all the happiness cannot be found together, perhaps it is also the same.

I may be here, at the far end, but my friends still give so much love today, and are waiting for when I will come.
It feels great to hear that someone misses you so much that Tears come in their eyes for you. Really Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain.

What I have known in this Lockdown, I may never know this, the people whom I consider as my own, they also want me as much. And I have understood some things , that I may or may not have earned anything, but I have definitely earned a relationship. And that is my biggest wealth for me.

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