A Turning Point

Every person in the world comes to such a point in their life, where some incidents happen in such a way that their life is completely changed.
Where a person becomes so matured that he can understand the difference between right and wrong but cannot take the right or wrong decision himself.

Yes, you are getting it right, I am talking about the same turning point which the society calls marriage.

If seen from the perspective of society, a girl should marry her right age,
But not necessarily the age which is right according to them, it should be right for that girl too.

Just the same is happening to me. Yes, my family is with me, but it is very difficult for me to understand why marriage is so important.

Similarly every other girl in the world has questions and this problem. But to tell or share this about someone, she does not think it right.Some girls share but not with the right person, that is why they do not get the right answers to these questions.

I had heard that, When a human himself falls into questions, he is also forced to find answers. Similarly,
I have learned some things from my life and if I share the same thing, then maybe you feel less scared while taking this decision.

Yes, I agree that, marriage is such a turning point in life after which life changes in a pure way. And neither can we tell that everything will be right.

And this is the biggest question that most people are afraid of.

Every person has a question for every problem, and the same person also has an answer, just we do not try to find.

Everything in life has its own unique beauty. Then whether it is career, job or marriage.If time management and positive attitude, then everything can be done in a beautiful way.
We keep making adjustments and commitments throughout life, and we try to complete it as well,
Then why hesitate in making the same commitments and adjustments regarding marriage.

Marriage, to me, means choosing your team-mate, committing to them and working together for the rest of your lives.

It’s a natural way for males and females who are two different parts of life to come together and find meaning. In fact marriage makes every human being complete
And this is the beauty of the marriage.

what will happen tomorrow, whether everything will be right or not, we cannot tell. But you can try to make sure that everything is correct.

You must have heard ,

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.

So you just change your perspective, life will become beautiful to you. And then this turning point will become the most beautiful turning point in your life.

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