My Love Affair with….!

Loving someone is not our hand’s, it just happens. In the same way i did not know when I got this love.
Probably it started in school days.
Although I was very good at school, but I was more interested in other activities.
I still remember that I got the first prize of a writing skill competition in 7th standard.That first prize had increased my respect in school a bit more.
And from there I fell in love, I fell in love with writing.

Yes, it will sound a bit strange but I love love writing. I love writing many times more than the deep friendship I have with books.
The more I love to read books, the more relaxed I get from writing.

From school to high school, my interest in writing increased and my love continued to grow here.

In the life of every loving person, there are strict parents who come in the way of love.But I was very lucky about this, because my family had given me a discount. They used to say whatever you like, do it only to give happiness.
And perhaps that was the reason, which grew with writing my attachment.

Love has a beginning but has no ending. In the same way once I start writing, there is no care to finish it.I get as much pleasure from writing as anyone gets from talking to their favorite person.

When there is a fight between two loving people, they stop talking to each other, sometimes it happens to me in the same way.Even if I try hard, I do not understand what to write. Like, as if suddenly writing is over.
But my pen cannot remain angry with me for a long time, in some time it comes to writing automatically.

I have lived in love, now it is just to see, how long does it support, or does it leave half way like any infidel lover.

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