One Person I’m Glad I Met

I met that person about 2 years ago. Our first meeting was nothing special.
Actually, My best friend had a habit of meeting me with every friend of her, so it was just like that.

Apart from this, I often heard him talking with my friend. Because they were also good friends, both of them used to talk on the call.
Sometimes I used to hear audio calls of both of them, sometimes I used to listen to their funny joke, fight, tease each other, and that is why I started getting to know him.

Then came a time that this friend of my friend also became my friend and sometimes meetings started.
And then during this meeting when our conversation started, he gave me a lovely name. Lucky, from then till now he calls me by this name.
We both used to work in the same office, although we did not talk to each other that much.Nor do we talk so much now, but that person is something that got me a lot to learn.

There was a time in my life when I felt the need of someone, and there was no one who could understand me, share my pain, I could get out of that.
Then this friend had helped me a lot, though everyone was giving support, but only he understood that pain.
Probably after that day, I got to know him properly.

He taught me how to be happy, what is happiness.The time was becoming very bad for me, he taught me how to fight against that time.

Perhaps he had seen all this in his life, he had endured all this and that is why he was explaining to me so well.

Both of us still do not talk everyday, but whenever it happens, it makes me laugh so much that I forget all my troubles for some time.
From this I have been able to learn that it is not necessary to talk everyday, but whenever it happens, it should happen that a person forgets all his grief and troubles, and becomes happy.

It is very difficult to find a good person in this mean world of today, I consider myself very Lucky that I have found such a good friend.😇

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