Fitness and Health

We all have two types of property.
One that we earn money and one which is our health.

If all your money is lost or taken away, it will not be as tragic as it would be if your health worsens. Health is an invaluable fund after which it cannot be found by losing anything

Just think about the situation when you have a lot of money, infinite facilities but you do not have enough health to use that money or you are not healthy enough to survive till that money is spent.

It is a terrible fantasy, but it is not just a fantasy. It can and does happen. People spend their entire lives in the running of the world, but when they get the benefit of that race, by then they are ill, so much of the ill is no use of this advantage.

Actually, it is not his fault. All the blame here is our own. We have got this body for free, no matter how poor, no matter how rich, everyone gets equal physical ability and strength.But for how long the physical capacity of the person will remain, it depends on the work done by that person to save his health. How much importance a person gives to his health.

I am not only talking about physical health, it also includes mental health. You all know that without a brain our body is just one machine without a non-control, and a machine without control is completely useless.

There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved and the problem of health is very easy to solve. You have to take some time out of your busy daily life.
The biggest root of health problems is hidden in food and drink.

The problem is not limited to cereals alone, there has also been an increase in the number of such food items in the market which are staunch enemies of health. We eat these things with a spattering. This is a big problem and for the first solution, do not eat such a diet. Eat healthy stay healthy.

Another reason to lose health early is in today’s busy era we do not have time to exercise. Respected listeners, we have been eating unnecessary and health-less diets continuously for many years. This type of diet has accumulated a lot of fat in our body which is jamming our body.

Our daily life also passes by sitting in front of the computer. Students also have to sit and read for hours. This is why our body is not able to show much activity. Allow only 30 to 60 minutes of exercise throughout your day. It will definitely be effective, and its result will be seen years later when all your companions are losing health.

Not only physical health But mental health is also equally important. To save mental health, we have to give proper rest to our brain. Our daily life is very busy and in such a situation our brain is under stress all the time.

Sleep and do yoga to keep the brain healthy. By implementing all these schemes, you can save your health. I hope you have been inspired to hear my thoughts. Thank you. 😊

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