Music plays a big role in everyone’s life. It keeps us busy in free time and makes our lives peaceful.

Some of us are used to listening to music, playing indoor or outdoor games and other moments during study time. However, everyone wants to listen to music in their free time to get some pleasure and relief from their mind.

Music is the best way to be happy and busy in life. In this busy, crowded and corrupt world, where everyone wants to harm each other at all times, music keeps us happy during these difficult times and helps to provide relief to our brain.

I have realized in my own real life that music is in fact, a tool to help keep everyone happy. Music is more than meditation and yoga, as it benefits both our body and mind. We can listen to music anytime throughout the day, listening to music in a moderate voice is a very good habit.

There are also some Health benefits of music.i..e.
Reduces stress
Eases pain
Improve blood flow
Improve mood
It has a power to cure disease such as depression, insomnia, anxiety.

According to me, Music is our friend, who is always together in our happiness in sorrow. And there is no fear of losing it.
Music can tell us all the emotions that we cannot express with words.

For all of us, music is such a therapist that removes all pain and fills happiness.

Music is our common energy.

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