Man is surrounded by many feelings in his life – anger, jealousy, love, attachment, doubt, belief, competition, etc., but it has to be said that to forgive or to apologize is more than all these emotions, paramount in all realizations. Is tops all emotions.

If seen, it is a very small word, but equally difficult.
For example, if someone is apologizing to you, then that is a small thing for you.
But, if you have to ask for the same apology then that apology seems very big and difficult.

Believe it or not, this is the truth.

But do you know, the most relaxed in the world is found by apologizing.
It seems to me that  Forgiveness is not just a word, it is a task of our lives.

Saying “I’m sorry” and admitting that we did something wrong is the first step to self- improvement.

But there is also rule in this, if you are apologizing, correct that mistake too.
Otherwise you have apologized, and are making the same mistake again, so that apology has no meaning.
Always remember –
It is never too late to make things right.

A Sorry can also spoil and build many relationships.

It has been said that it is very easy to form a relationship, but it is very difficult to maintain and relationships are treated like this, by tolerating, ignoring, forgiving each other’s small mistakes, because even a wise person has said that, absolutely perfect Do not find a person in which there are no mistakes, if you do this then you will be left alone because there is no perfect person on this earth, all are made by learning from mistakes.

We never become small or big of apologizing or forgiving, just we rise above bad feelings, become lighthearted, overcome our love and affection over the person in front, that is, our personality in all these Victory is victory.

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