“Stop being so unhappy”

Whether we realize it or not, we have all gone through periods of time in which we felt unhappy with the way our lives were going. For some, this has come in short bursts. For others, these periods of dissatisfaction have lasted a little longer.
Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are feeling unhappy with your life. Your unhappiness can be changed, and it all starts with you.

Never feel bad for wishing your life could be different.

“Stop complaining! There are people much worse off than you are!”
you  have to commit to doing everything you can to make the kinds of changes in your life you truly believe will make you happier.

There are some things you can change.

Be aware and take advantage of the things that are directly under your control, such as your attitude and certain aspects of your lifestyle such as diet and exercise. Focusing on what you can control will make you feel empowered and capable,.
Small and gradual changes are your key to happiness.

There are also some things you can’t.

While there may be plenty of things in your life you have control over and can change, there are also things you cannot directly fix. You can not make other people change.
Part of learning to be happier, or at least dealing with unhappiness is accepting that you are not in control of everything.

Take note of the negative things in your life and start eliminating or changing them now.

Take things one day at a time, and know that change is slow.

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